RE-LaB is a fun, progressively-paced exercise class designed to assess and improve strength, stability, and joint range of motion. A careful blend of movement techniques such as isometrics, neurodynamics, and conventional spinal therapy, RE-Lab can help prepare and maintain your body so that you can be RE-ady for everything!  RE-LaB is offered in 30 minute (upper body focus) 45 minute (lower body focus) and full hour (total body) sessions.

RE-LaB is also available in conjunction with a guided meditation component led by mindfulness coach Isabela Sabino.  ‘Mindfulness’, as a concept and practice, allows us to reconnect with ourselves and a higher healing power. Through meditation, we allow our bodies time to rest while we reset our brains for positive change, ensuring that the mind and body receive equal attention. By developing a consistent meditation practice, you can achieve a higher level of awareness and trust in yourself and your path.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide synergistic physical and spiritual wellness services for those looking to improve their lives by making small, consistent adjustments.  Through our integrated expertise, we aim to provide a supportive and healing environment where participants can learn ways to tangibly improve their entire well being.  The RE-LaB class employs a combination of ancient and cutting-edge mindfulness and exercise techniques to enable participants to work on both the spiritual and physical dimensions of their lives in a lively group fitness setting.

Why isometric exercises?

Isometrics are a type of exercise where you contract a muscle without a concomitant change in joint angle.  Isometric exercise has been shown to increase strength in conjunction with increasing joint range of motion (Highland et al., 1992).  Also, isometric-focused exercise has been shown to provide equivocal, if not superior, gains in muscle strength while causing less inflammation and bone wear than other forms of exercise (Norden, Leventhal and Schumacher, 2014). As isometric (same position) exercise can be scaled from very light to maximal capacity by the individual, it is a very effective method of resistance training for all populations from professional athletes to senior citizens.


What is Neurodynamics?

Neurodynamics is the science of the relationship between the mechanics and physiology of the nervous system.  As pain can be generated from many sources in the body, including nerves themselves.  Neurodynamics helps identify and mobilize peripheral nerves that may have become damaged in order to heal the nerve and improve function.  Simply put, it is the assessment and treatment of the physical health of the nervous system (Butler, 2009).