Changing the conversation on Exercise

When it comes to exercise, everybody has different needs. Whether your goal is to overcome muscle pain or become an Olympic athlete, what works for a friend might not work for you. While many equate exercise effectiveness with how much you sweat, or how sore you feel the next day, the truth is that it requires real detective work to meet the specific needs of an individual who is constantly changing, adapting, and evolving. That’s where we come in.


At Exercise-Intelligence, we take a personal approach to fitness. By using a combination of MAT™, neurodynamics, evidence-based exercise techniques, and more, we develop a customized training program tailored specifically for you!


We will:

  • Help you reach your personal fitness goals by customizing a program based around your body’s structure and capabilities, which will help prevent the risk of injury;


  • Isolate and restore specific areas of muscle weakness in order to help you reach your maximum potential for full, strong, and stable joint range of motion;


  • Work with your body's current skill level while increasing the intensity and frequency of workouts in a safe, sustainable way to assist you on your journey towards lifelong health.


Start taking control of your health today and schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to working with you!


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