• Karina Vogt

Strongwoman in Stongman Competition

I first met Mead when she came to our office with a group of Strongman coaches. We were gathered to study the anatomy and physiology of the hip. Mead is a Crossfit coach and a Strongman competitor who was well on her way to nationals with a chance at going pro: Then she injured her hip; she saw many specialists around NYC and received inconsistent diagnoses, even with the help of an MRI. Finally, it was determined that she had torn the labrum of her left hip. With her doctors' recommendation, she decided that her best course of action was a surgical repair. Mead began MAT sessions with me prior to the surgery so that her body was as strong and stable as it could be under the circumstances.

The surgery went well: however, post-op she was in more pain than she had been from the original injury. Surgery introduces new tissue trauma and a greater area in need of healing. She then began the slow and arduous process of recovery. With the help of a great personal support system; a lot of rest, regular physical therapy and MAT sessions, Mead went from spending most of her time in bed in a lot of pain to moving around the city and resuming basic activities, finally to training again for the strongman competition—gradually, she was lifting at her pre-injury capacity.

Though the process was often difficult and discouraging, it helped Mead to develop her true strengths including patience, tenacity, and endurance in a deep and subtle way. The experience pushed her to become a smarter athlete, it pushed her to learn more about her body and to refine her skill and precision when lifting heavy weights.

Mead has entered 3 competitions since her surgery. She took 1st place in her weight class in all 3 competitions and qualified for nationals! She is now right on the track of her goals.

During her MAT sessions, we talked a lot about our musculoskeletal system and how our muscles work. Mead found she was fascinated by the paradox of complexity and simplicity of muscles and how they function. She decided to become a MAT specialist in addition to pursuing her career as an athlete.

I started working with Mead in a new way, tutoring her to practice MAT. She dove into her studies and practiced many hours each week.

Mead has completed her MAT internship and will test out for certification this month. I have no doubt that Mead will help many people as a MAT specialist in her own special way and I'm looking forward to celebrating her achievements with her.

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