Exercise-Intelligence is your wellness advocate.


We Educate: We translate complex science into understandable nuggets of practical information to develop your health-related critical thinking skills to help you separate supported evidence from fake news.

We Investigate: Using a unique multi-disciplinary blend of muscular treatment, nerve mobilization, cognitive reframing and custom designed exercise we investigate the potential causes of your issues, define a treatment plan, and then apply only the most effective movement and pain resolution techniques.

We Empower: Through homework and accountability we empower you to tap into your vast self healing resources, and then provide guidance along the way on your path to optimal longevity. 

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About Us

Exercise-Intelligence is an evidence based health and fitness company located in New York City.   Exercise-Intelligence employs a research-supported approach to biomechanics based neuromuscular treatment, conditioning, coaching and consulting for individuals and corporate clients around the world.


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Personal Services


MAT is a manual muscular system assessment technique designed to identify and correct muscular imbalances which can be the underlying cause of pain and injury.


Exercise is vital to optimal health, however, to achieve the maximum benefits while minimizing risk your exercise program needs to be scientifically supported and appropriately progressed.  Our background in biomechanics, neuroscience and skill acquisition will provide you with a custom tailored fit.

Group Services


Have great trainers on your staff? Want to help them add extra tools to their toolbox?   As a continuing education provider in the areas of applied biomechanics, anatomy and motor learning and control Gregory Gordon has over ten years of experience creating fun and meaningful workshops for training staffs of all sizes and education backgrounds.


RE- LaB is a fun, progressively paced exercise class, designed to improve strength, stability, and joint range of motion. Using a combination of evidence-based techniques such as isometrics, neurodynamics, and conventional spinal therapy, RE-Lab can help prepare and maintain your body so that you can be REady for everything!


A 2015 study by the National Multifamily Housing Council showed that 82% of apartment renters consider the fitness center a top priority when choosing a new residence. Let Gregory Gordon Customs (GGC) guide you in designing a world class gym experience for your properties at a developer friendly budget.